Sunday, November 8, 2009

Port of Valldemossa

The Port of Valldemossa is located a short 15 kilometers from Palma.

Last week I went there with a friend who came from Valencia to visit for the week. You drive down, yet another narrow cliff road for what seems like forever until you arrive at a tiny little fishing village that was deserted. We were lucky to find one place open for lunch where we had a delicious entire sole fillet, grilled with white rice and vegetables on the side, and of course some vino! The waiter told us that only 1 person lives there in the winter. Everyone else only comes in the summer. There are Spaniards, French, English, Americans and Germans with summer homes in the port. What a way to spend the summer! Personally, I prefer it in the winter with cool breezes, storms and lots of wind! It has spectacular scenery of the Med and the famous red rock that I'm so fond of!

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